Full Memberships include unlimited use of the range, league fees, carts, unlimited scheduled play excluding 9-12 Weekends and Holidays.

Regular Memberships include carts but does not include use of the range, league fees or ability to play on Saturday, Sunday and holidays before 2PM.

Membership TypeAnnual Price
Full Membership*$1,900
Full Membership – Senior* (60 or older)$1,800
Regular Membership$1,200
Regular Membership – Senior (60 or older)$1,100
Regular Membership – Senior (60 or older) limited to weekdays before noon$900
Regular Membership – College/Trade School Students$800
Additional Family Members with one other Membership$600
Youth Membership (16 and younger) with Parent Membership$300
A la-carte
Range Membership$300
League Fee$358-$460
Single Week Pass$180
Single Month Pass$480

* Outings or tournaments not sponsored by Timber Trace Golf Club are not included in your golf membership.